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Our School

Traphagen Mission


Traphagen School prides itself on student academic achievement.  We provide a positive environment to ensure that all students succeed to their highest abilities.


 It is imperative that all children become literate. 

Literacy allows us to be exposed to the world of our past and it provides access into a world that continues to evolve and change.  When one learns to decode and understand the nuances of written language and make meaning of ideas, then one is able to comprehend and read written word.

Understanding the written word is comprehension.
Comprehension is the cornerstone of literacy and the basis for all learning.
Our personal mission is to provide students with the capacity to build literacy through exposure to reading:

We believe that a reading life:

  • Provides of us the with the capacity to build comprehension
  • Transforms and evolves our view of the world
  • Allows all of us to seek clarity and perspective as well as generate ideas
  • Gives us a lens into the world and the ability to create solutions to problems that do not yet exist 
  • Fuels our imagination and ignites our innovation   

Our ability to teach children to read is the most essential tool that we can provide for them because it builds their capacity to learn. 
Literacy provides all of us with access and equity for a better life.