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Traphagen School hosts celebration in honor of Veteran's Day

Traphagen School hosted veteran Traphagen family members for their annual Veteran’s Day Celebration on Thursday, November 10, 2022. About one thousand American flags decorated the Traphagen School campus, where veterans were given a warm welcome as they arrived at the ceremony in their honor.

Chorus singing

Charlotte Moore, the music teacher, led the chorus as they sang “The Heart of America,” “American Tears,” and “American Every Day,” by Teresa Jennings. Students waved their miniature flags in salute to all veterans following their salute to the flag.  

“We owe you our deepest gratitude, we owe you our respect, and we owe you our freedom. Thank you,” said Principal Carol Quinones-Dixon as she greeted the veterans. 

She then introduced the Director of Mount Vernon Veteran Affairs, Carlos Diaz. Mr. Diaz, a former Marine, told the children about his experience in the military and answered some of their questions about his time overseas. Now, as the director of Mount Vernon Veteran Affairs, he helps veterans get the help and resources that they need.  

Eighth-grade students Brooke Turner and Sebastian Perpepaj presented the audience with the reasons Veteran’s Day is celebrated. For Sebastian, one of those reasons is his father, who is a veteran. 

“I believe that veterans deserve a lot more appreciation than they already get right now, because they’ve done so much for our country,” said Sebastian. “These men and women made the brave decision to defend our beloved country. I come from a long line of soldiers that have served in my family, and I am extremely proud of that fact. Thanking veterans for their service is something that we can and should always remember.” 

Veterans with their families

Several students recited patriotic poems that honored Veterans and our country. Fifth graders recited “The Pride of our Country,” and “They Did Their Share.” 

Veterans with family attending Traphagen were especially honored near the end of the celebration. The veteran family members stood with their children, and they explained what the service meant to their lives. One parent could go to college for free because of his time in the service, and he became an attorney.  

Ms. Sandra LoPresti gave a boisterous rendition of “The National Anthem,” and Mrs. Quinones-Dixon gave her closing remarks and thanked the veterans one more time before inviting them to lunch in the teacher’s lounge.